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Kitchen Ecology Solutions

Ecology Solutions for Kitchen Exhaust Air Treatment


Airborne Particulate and Gaseous Contaminant Solutions


AAF removes the particulate contaminants (grease aerosols, mois- ture, other particulate) that are carried over into the exhaust air stream using electrostatic precipitators in combination with the appropriate stages of particulate filters.  These include metal washable filters, high capacity bag filters, and high efficiency (MERV 16) pleat- ed filters.  In applications with lighter loading of particulates, solutions may solely use stages of particulate filters.  In both cases, it is critical to performance and safety that proper maintenance, cleaning, and replacement are performed as required for the application.



Odors result from the release of volatile organic compounds during cooking operations.  These volatile organic compounds are in the gas-phase; they are not removed by the particulate contaminant solu- tions mentioned above.  The most widespread solution to remove these compounds is activated carbon applied in filtration cells such as metal cassettes or canisters.  In some instances, applications have used a blend of activated carbon and other media.  The filtration cells are commonly designed to achieve at least 0.1 seconds of residence time, however, the actual configuration and associated residence time will depend on the cooking operations taking place inside the kitchen.

    • Type of cooking – Heavy Duty/Medium Duty/Light Application

    • Indian /Arabic/ Chinese /continental – Depends on the type of cooking

    • Charcoal /Wood/ Grill – needs different set of Filters 

    • Typical Equipment- specification Driven by consultant / Cost Driven

    • Building of Repute/contractor /consultant/ Just for Municipality Approval

    • Number of stages of Filtration/Country of origin

    • UL or Non UL & ETL Certified units.

    • Ionization chamber before KEU

    • Size and Air Flow

    • Maintenance and service Driven.

    • Based on the Kitchen Extract Air flow capacity- L/s/cfm. Typical Unit can be sized

    • Best Operating velocity- 1.5 m/s to 1.75m/s–Important point , this will decide the dimensions of the unit/number of cells/ commercial costs/service life/Approximate replacement cycle time/etc

    • Based on type of cooking , the Filter type / number of stages & selection of Filters.

    • Provision of Ionizer/water mist separator by client in design greatly reduces the load on KEU. Ionizer breaks the grease particles before air enters to KEU.

    • Type of cooking – Heavy Duty/Medium Duty- Use Metal Filter

    • Charcoal /Wood/ Grill – Use MERV8 Disposable like Megapleat

    • Smoking Rooms- Megapleat+F8+ Final Filter H10/H14+MD cassettes with blend media. Number of Stages depends based on available static pressure.

    • Make Provision for one blank carbon stage always if there are warranty/guarantee concerns and for safety concern to consider.

    • Make the unit most service friendly/maintenance friendly/keep a serial number reference for future spares and service issues. Use standard sizes.

    • Study the specifications/design made by consultant/contractor fully & review this.

Various combination of Particulate & Gas Phase filter; unit with or without fan.

      • ESP System – Good Reputable. One Pass or Two Pass

      • Pre filter – (Metal ) Class (G2/G3)-2” or 4”

      • Try to remove all the oil and Grease- Agglomeration

      • (Vapor form and still sticky in Nature).

      • Secondary stage Fine Filtration (MERV13/F7)

      • (Use High efficiency Glass Fiber only).

      • E11 HEPA Filtration.- Depending on selection

      • Gas Phase Filter- Cassettes/canister/Deep Bed Post Filter

      • Fan unit

      • Controls and Monitoring

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